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Indifferent Penguin
Based in Berlin, Germany

Founding Date:

February 7, 2023


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Straßmannstr. 47
10249 Berlin


+49 30 23366783


Indifferent Penguin is a German independent game studio founded by Daniel Wichterich, solo-developing indie games.


Once upon a time, in the frigid wastelands of the Antarctic, where only the bravest penguins dared to waddle, a visionary penguin named Daniel Wichterich had a dream that would change the gaming world forever. In the year 2024, he founded the legendary company “Indifferent Penguin.”

Legend has it that Daniel, an adventurous and tech-savvy penguin, stumbled upon an ancient console buried deep within the icebergs. As he pressed the buttons with his flippers, a mysterious surge of energy coursed through him, granting him unparalleled programming skills and a passion for indie game development.

Equipped with his newfound abilities, Daniel declared himself the sole developer of Indifferent Penguin. He set up his igloo headquarters, complete with state-of-the-art fish-powered computers and a cozy bean bag corner for brainstorming sessions with his fellow penguins.

The first game to emerge from the depths of Daniel’s creativity was “Penguin Odyssey: Icebound Quest.” In this groundbreaking indie game, players navigated the treacherous Antarctic terrain, solved fishy puzzles, and faced off against evil walrus overlords. The gaming community was flabbergasted by the ingenuity of Indifferent Penguin’s debut release.

Word spread like wildfire across the icy tundra, and penguins from all colonies flocked to join Daniel’s development team. Each penguin brought a unique skill, from graphic design using squid ink to musical composition using iceberg percussion instruments.

Indifferent Penguin continued to break barriers in the gaming industry, releasing titles like “Chill Coder: Arctic Escape” and “Fishy Friends Simulator.” Their games not only captivated players worldwide but also garnered praise for their quirky characters and heartwarming narratives.

As the company flourished, Daniel Wichterich became a legendary figure in the gaming world, known for his eccentricity and dedication to creating unforgettable gaming experiences. Indifferent Penguin’s success soared to new heights, with game enthusiasts eagerly anticipating each new release.

Despite the fantastical origin story and the whimsical nature of the company’s journey, one thing was certain – Indifferent Penguin had left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape, proving that sometimes, the most extraordinary stories can hatch from the coldest of places.


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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Daniel Wichterich

Solo Developer, Indifferent Penguin

Nikolai Neumetzler

Artist, Freelancer

Moritz Mayerhofer

Artist, Freelancer

Steven Schwalbe

Music, Freelancer